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Im Angelia. I’m in my mid 40s. A mother of 6. 3 from my partner’s previous marriage and 1 from my previous.

All fire and air signs. A family full of passionate artists. All here have chosen to be of service.

My partner and I, have two younger children, together. We decided to keep the nest full. I am also a grandmother to five. I’m not going to lie, that’s a harder one to swallow but I embrace it. I don’t think any of us are completely ready to enter that phase. :-) I am grateful, though.

i am a ‘grounded’ Gemini. Even though my chart has air, as a sun and rising, I am well balanced with the other elements. All are equal.

I was born on a dark crescent (waining crescent) which makes this shop, my personal studies & the teaching perfect for me. They say, “ A waning moon is more about dispersion or spreading of knowledge/resources to others.“

I dive into this energy, wholeheartedly. I have studied Crystal healing with many teachers, the art of priestesses, symbology, spiritual alchemy. herbal studies and have apprenticed and completed, many shamanic studies & workshops. This knowledge has been life changing.

Some of these, I have certificates for, by the international school of holistic medicine & others I don’t.

I am currently working on a few more, too. I am only 6 months away from my next 3 certifications. I have a deep passion for the metaphysical arts and sciences. I have been drawn to this practice all my life.

I am currently working on getting my doctorate in Metaphysical Science. It has been an amazing journey. I have been practicing all forms of ’occult‘ for 30 years.

I decided to finally make the choice, to add formality to it. Society asks for formality in many ways.

I have great love for Andean Shamanism. Though it’s a life long path, I’m ready to commit to learning, daily. Though do understand, I am open to all knowledge that helps me grow spiritually and do not limit my spirituality In any way.

I live my life in daily ritual. This practice helps me to be mindful of as many moments as my ‘humanness’ allows me in each day. From the time I wake, to the moment I fall asleep, with the intention I can be of service even in my dreams. Yes, we can access so much when we study our brain waves. Delta, theta.

As an eclectic, I feel it’s important for all to find what resonates with the soul. We are all on our own path & this must be respected. I believe we are all connected in this web of life and our paths serve a purpose for the collective. I have studied with many teachers and am in gratitude of what I have learned. Much of this I will be sharing with our ‘Thoth family’.

I love to teach & hold the value dear to my heart,

I am ordained and can preform the same duties as any minister.

I decided to become ordained to be able to offer council and services to those who are like me and do not follow the traditional rules of “religion“. I also want to admire love for what it is. I don’t feel that there should be rules on love and who we want to marry. Soon, I will have a section of Thoth’s Set up for this with options to plan that sacred moment.

I wanted to be able to engage in this way to help the community around me. I love community.

I think religion and spirituality are two different things.

I do not want to offer marriage without proper spiritual council, set up on the site. I will also be offering spiritual council of many kinds, meditations, journeys and more.

Since we are new and I’m currently in many studies, as well as teaching at home, it will take me a little bit to get all of this up. Good Magic takes time & this is good magic,

I thank you for your patience as I do this. Its going to be beautiful.